How it works

How it works


Choose a run that suits you, and support a local Irish charity. Register online for the virtual race of your choice. You may pick a race theme, type and planned date of our two main types of virtual runs. There are many different types of virtual runs and races.

1. Fun Run/ Walk Challenge You can run, jog, walk, on or off road, a treadmill at the gym or even at another race or park run. The beauty of a virtual run is that it is on your terms, and all you have to do is enter a race, send us the evidence that you have completed it, and that’s it! Your medal will be shipped directly to you, and a percentage of all registration fees will go to local Irish charities.

2. Pro Run Challenge – the best time for a distance. Virtual races can also be a great way for racing if traditional races are not organized nearby, and you do not fancy travelling! Most of all, with the impact of Covid-19, virtual races are a fantastic way to stay fit, and compete while complying with government restrictions and guidelines.

You can complete your best distance, connect with Strava application, and compete with best runners.

ALL DISTANCES: 10km , Half Marathon, Full marathon, 100 km.

How about sharing the challenge with your friends?


Run it anywhere, anytime, with anyone – at your own pace.


A. Once you have completed the Fun Run Challenge, simply submit your results in MyAccount section. Once we approve it, it’s done! Examples include Garmin photos, app screenshots, fitbit stats, parkrun times etc.

B. Once you have registered for our challenge we notify you of your final score when the run is finished. You will gain your medal and also certificate and pride on our Hall of Fame section.


Once we’ve reviewed your results, we’ll add you to the leaderboard and send you a custom designed medal in the post. By registering for one of our virtual races not only are you being motivated to live a healthier lifestyle, but you are also helping others with a donation to one of our partner charities. We are going to pay a percentage of collected fees to charities.

Take Photos With Your Medal and Share Your Race With Us! We would love to hear about your race. Join our Activity for Charity Events Facebook Group Here and share your photos and connect with fellow participants! Also, post a photo on Instagram using #activityforcharity #virtualactivityforcharity