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A virtual race is a race that can take place wherever you want, in your own time and at your own pace. A virtual race can be completed on a treadmill, around a racetrack, a beachfront, even during another competitive race, wherever you can run, you can earn a medal!

Fun Run/ Walk Challenge
You can run, jog, walk, on or off road, a treadmill at the gym or even at another race or park run. The beauty of a virtual run is that it is on your terms, all you have to do is enter a race, send us the evidence that you have completed it and that’s it! Your medal will be shipped directly to you and a percentage of all registrations will go to local Irish charities.

Your distance is cumulative so you need to make as many km as possible

Pro Run Challenge – best time for a distance
10km , half marathon, full marathon

Virtual races can also be a great way for racing if traditional races are not organised nearby and you do not fancy travelling!
Most of all, with the impact of Covid-19, virtual races are a fantastic way to stay fit and compete while sticking with government restrictions and guidelines.
You complete your best distance in one go connect with Strava and compete with best runners

Click on the races tab and you will be taken to our shop page.

Choose one (or more) of our virtual challenges and add it to your shopping cart. Once you have registered for an account just complete your run by the end of the calendar month of the specified race, upload your race evidence and we will send you your medal in the post!

Please note that all races must be claimed within the timeframe of the race and not before. E.g. if a race is listed as ‘October’ you can submit evidence anytime between 1st – 31st October. We use PayPal to process all of our payments.

Don’t have/want a PayPal account? Don’t worry. Just access the site through a laptop or desktop machine and PayPal will give you the option of checking out as a guest using a Credit/Debit card!

We are currently looking into different payment methods- watch this space!

When it comes to a FUN RACE type a picture of your treadmill display or running watch data will be fine or even picture please upload it to the site once you’ve logged into your account.
Please note we unfortunately cannot accept run evidence that has been sent over Facebook.

When it comes to our PRO RUNS process is more complicated – only because you are and we have a higher expectations from PRO’s
You need to have a Strava account either use STRAVA or connect your feed through STRAVA apple to our challenge website and we only accept.

We unfortunately cannot accept run evidence that has been sent over Facebook or Twitter.
Please note:


No, if you are taking part in FUN RUN Challange coz you are building up your distance, you can split your race over a few days or weeks and they can be in any amount of distances as you need Whichever way you complete the distance, a medal is a great reward for your achievement!

YES, if you run a PRO RUN challenge
For FUN RUNS Once you have complete your distance, return to the website and log in. Once logged in you will be able to click on the ‘submit your evidence’ button where you will be prompted to select the races that you have entered that month (in the drop down menu) Just upload your evidence and click submit…Easy! If you have many images to upload, you may need to use an app to collate all of your images into one OR we are happy to accept a list of dates/distances. You also need to type in your result
Once entered, you will have received an automated email confirming your space, you can check which race you are entered in by clicking on the links found on our page.
All of our races are different. If a race has a specific distance it will be clearly labelled in the race description.

If you have questions, you may contact us